Cupping Therapy

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What is cupping?

Cupping is one of the oldest forms of massage, dating all the way back to the common era. Plastic and silicone cups use negative vacuum pressure to rapidly effect tight muscles, connective tissues, blood flow, and the lymphatic system. Cupping breaks up and drains stagnation in muscles causing pain and reduced range of motion.

The  action of the cups pulling up on soft tissue activates the bodies parasympathetic nervous system. Which creates a deep relaxation through the whole body.  

Cupping therapy is 15-20 minutes of a massage session. Other parts of the body are being worked on while the cups are on static on the treatment area.

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What cupping is good for

Tension headaches

Tight muscles

Plantar fasciitis

Frozen shoulder


Chronic pain

Individual Massage Therapy Pricing

30 Minutes - $70

Standard Pricing For Massage

60 | 90 | 120 Minutes